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Amor de Dios

To create and feel

We are referring to a historical and informative Flamenco center that you will be able to visit through its permanent exhibition located in the school itself.

A school well-known and respected by the great flamenco artists of the world.

​In 1994, Amor de Dios took root in Santa Isabel Street number five, after being evicted from a house in Antón Martín, after thirty years of crunching the floors with taconeos.

Currently it maintains this location, which is important to consider when choosing your ideal school. Amor de Dios is located in the center of Madrid, being perfectly communicated with the rest of the city.

It includes the teaching of all the disciplines of Flamenco art: Singing, dancing and “toque”. It is made up of teachers who are artists. They acquire a role of guide for the student and they do not practice a direction as we know it. One of the special characteristics of Amor de Dios is that each student is free to make their own decisions, trying different classes at different levels and choosing the one they feel most comfortable with. “Many students leave a mark that remains forever in the School”.
Since its inception, Amor de Dios has been characterized by serving the artistic field.
And it continues to play this role, developing from constant learning. In this service to the artistic community, not only the master classes that are given in this school participate. Also, the use of spaces for rehearsals, the organization of events, and the production and exhibition of them.
All students are uniques and makes his way
If you choose this Flamenco School, you will have access to classes in different formats to build your own training plan. As well as direct access to rooms with the maximum level of acoustic insulation for your creative projects. Whether you want to specialize in a palo (Typs of dance), or if your goal is to get started in the different disciplines of Flamenco art, at Amor de Dios you can do it.
“There are not two people who are the same, that’s why we understand that no two students are the same.”
Curiously, from Amor de Dios you don’t get an official title. Its authenticity is manifested in the mark that many of its students have left forever in Flamenco. Authentic masters like Sara BarasBelén Maya, Joaquín Cortés or Rafael Amargo, among many others.
Flamenco and Amor de Dios are the same concept
You also do not have to pay a previous registration, the methodology that is practiced in this school has to do with another type of commitment. The one that each student acquires with Flamenco itself, the dedication and passion that he puts into each class.

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