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Alfonso Losa


Alfonso Losa and his team are great fans of flamenco and they have created this course to continue sharing this art through teaching and respect.

The creation of this platform was a result of an enriching career as a resident teacher at the Flamenco Amor De Dios art centre, teaching for 2 years at the Conservatorio Superior María de Ávila, in Madrid, being invited as a teacher at the Ballet Nacional de España and the Andalusian’s Company and teaching more than 500 international courses in 60 countries.

He has also founded and directs Clasesdeflamencoonlinealfonsolosa.com and has had the honour of being choreographer for leading artists such as Rafaela Carrasco, Maria Juncal, Jose Porcel and Curro de Candela, among others.

After more than eight years working with this online method, they have evolved to combine recorded teaching material with live classes scheduled monthly.

Videos are designed so that users can feel as if they are in a private face-to-face class, with two separate screens: one to show the body work and a smaller one to focus on the footwork, which facilitates the complete assimilation of the material. These classes are conducted with a live student who is corrected for common errors in each lesson.

They teach and explain the mechanisms, so that vocally they can be placed within the meter, marking with clapping so that the student is aware of the rhythm they are working on. The material has been divided into three levels to suit the needs and abilities of all users.

It aims to encourage constant learning, which is essential for any artist, regardless of their level.

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