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Carmen Amaya

To create and feel

Another option you have to consider when choosing your perfect Flamenco School is Carmen Amaya.

This Flamenco Cultural Association, founded in 1995, was named Carmen Amaya as a tribute to the bailaora (flamenco dancer) and cantaora (flamenco singer). Referent and inspiration for the teachers and founders of the school.

Sing for bulerías or fandangos is not the same again, after having gone through Carmen Amaya

Dolores Giménez, president and founder of the School, continues to be present and to develop the initial purpose with which the center was inaugurated: to bring Flamenco to everyone and to spread its foundations.

​Within the options offered by this school we find very interesting the subcategories in which the different flamenco disciplines are divided:

From intensive courses, to complementary training for teachers through regular classes and masterclass.

On one hand, Flamenco dance classes in groups. Divided according to the different levels of the student. On the other hand, the option of taking private Flamenco dance classes, choosing the day and time in which they are implemented. You have also the option to have individual classes or to share them with another partner to work together.

If your thing is the guitar, Carmen Amaya offers up to five options for flamenco guitar specialization. It even has an online category that allows you to receive the teachings of this school while living in another city. El cante (The singer), that pure flamenco aspect that seems to sprout from the cantaor’s blood, also requires a precise technique. In Carmen Amaya the cante classes are individual, because each voice is different and requires a unique treatment. The training is developed according to the rhythm of study and predisposition of the student.
The student chooses, the student decides.
Carmen Amaya has her own rhythm base, which adapts the measure of the beat to the metronome tempo.
“Sing for bulerías or fandangos is not the same again, after having gone through Carmen Amaya”
The commitment between teachers and students is another aspect of the Carmen Amaya Flamenco School. Outside the classroom, telephone and Skype support is offered. Because the doubt and inspiration of the Flamenco student can appear at the most unexpected moment. If you want to be a flamenco dancer or flamenco dancer, Carmen Amaya offers you the possibility. The Flamenco career is an option, with which, together with your effort, you can live from Flamenco. It consists of six courses divided into three hours a week, and consists of a Spanish Dance base required. At the end of each course, students receive a Diploma accredited by Flamenco professionals, with their corresponding qualification. This School is intimately connected with Amor de Dios, through the Asociación Cultural Flamenca, where there is a fluid and constant exchange between the two centers.

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