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Isabel Quintero

Dancing for expresion

In 1990 Isabel Quintero founded the Flamenco School that bears her name. It was a must in this ranking.

Her extensive professional career and the true love she has always felt for dance, have made this school a benchmark for bailaoras and bailaores.

Many details make Isabel Quintero special, but above all her uniformity when defining herself as experts in the discipline of dance.

The classes given are divided into: Flamenco, Classical Spanish, stylised , bolera school, sevillanas, castanets and methodology applied to the teaching of Spanish dance.

Be free in the Libertad street.
mestizo school, where great flamenco dance professionals have complemented their training. At the same time, it has been a space for converting amateurs to experts. Isabel Quintero School there is a perfect fusion of technique, coordination, choreography and zapateaos. In addition to the regular courses, in Isabel Quintero you can find different workshops of specific dance palos such as bulerías, alegrías or seguiriyas. There is also the possibility of taking intensive courses or at weekends.
So the range of possibilities is so wide that it will depend on you and how clear you have about what you want to dance. Isabel Quintero is in the center of Madrid: Calle Libertad número siete.

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