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More than three decades without stopping to dance

We found this school in the street Santiago de Compostela number 26 in Madrid , in the neighborhood of the neighborhood of El Pilar.

The Flamenco steps have been giving life to the classrooms, which have been perfectly qualified for this school for more than thirty years.

Unlike the schools mentioned above, in Arabesquees, they only teach dance discipline classes. Leaving the singing or the guitar out of play.

His teachers are specialized in the discipline of flamenco dance, and offer different possibilities to receive this training.

This school offers a varied selection of courses and seminars, affordable for all ages and all levels. The Flamenco steps have been giving life to the classrooms, which have been perfectly qualified for this school for more than thirty years.

From the most traditional flamenco to the current trends of Flamenco.

Graduate in Flamenco

It stands out among many other schools in Madrid because in Arabesquees you can study the Graduate in Flamenco. An intensive Study of flamenco dance that you can perform for five years and acquire at the end of an approved qualification that certifies you as a professional of the Flamencología. Arabesquees is associated with APDE (Association of Teachers of Spanish Dance And Flamenco). This curriculum was awarded Premio Nacional de Flamenco a la enseñanza por la Cátera de Flamencología de Jerez de la Frontera, and is currently recognized by that entity. The Graduate consists of five courses, is divided into a theoretical part and another practice. In the first, the different styles are imparted, and the second one is orientated to know the origins of flamenco, the rhythms, the songs and the biographies of the most relevant artists.
It’s important to mention the Festival Arabesquees held annually during the month of June in different theatres of Madrid. In This festival all the students of the school are quoted to represent to a real audience, the choreographies learned throughout the year. From These meetings, things are born as big as the Compañía Flamenca Arabasquees, able to show the transformation of the most traditional flamenco towards the most vanguardiasta. On Saturdays, they teach intensive classical ballet classes geared towards flamenco students. For We must not forget, the importance of this base to root the technique of Flamenco. Further away from the Flamenco discipline, this same day teaches Latin rhythms, both initiation and advanced.
Is it easier for you to decide now? Now that you have all this information you can opt for the Flamenco school that convinces you most, with the security of knowing that whatever your decision, will be right.

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