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La guitarrería de Madrid

Guitarras Raimundo for 1968

We found this temple of the guitar in Atocha street number 99, its manager Alberto Palma has an unconditional love for this instrument.

Interior guitar store in Madrid
It differs from the rest because it is a multi-brand guitar store, covering 80% of Spanish brands. They offer exclusive consulting and the best quality-price offer in Madrid. For decades they have been selling flamenco guitars in the capital. They maintain a close relationship with the great Flamenco Tablaos in Madrid and the best Flamenco Schools in Spain.
More than 12,000 instruments per year are produced, of which 85% are exported worldwide.
The Guitarrería de Madrid does not build guitars, they are specialized in repairing and the precise adjustments of the instrument. They have a Lutherier atelier and offer their customers a lifetime guarantee when revising and adjusting their guitar. Many Flamenco experts, such as Montoya, Pepe Habichuela or Edu Durán,choose the Guitarrería de Madrid as their place of trust.

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