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Felipe Conde

More than a luthier

Felipe Conde is one of the most valued luthiers by musicians.

Many years ago, they learned from Domingo Esteso the technique and know- how of the art of building the Spanish guitar. The war and the poverty that Spain was going through at that time complicated the way, but this did not prevent them from continuing the philosophy of work, the essence of detail and care when making guitars.

Felipe Conde Luthiers
Felipe Conde Luthiers
A way of working that they maintain nowadays and that has a direct impact on the sound of their guitars. Both in the shop and on their website you can find a collection of exclusive guitars.
The workshop is always a guarantee. The relationship with the guitars is not stopped, they end up coming back for tuning.
The prestige and recognition of Felipe Conde’s guitars is International. The music of his guitars has traveled the world, appearing in universal musical events such as Music China, London Craft Week, Musikmesse (Frankfurt) or the Shanghai Chinese Music Fair, among others. As a curiosity, Felipe Conde treated the first black flamenco guitar with a crescent, built before 1953, an authentic work of art that you can find in his workshop. Paco de Lucía or Tomatito are some of the flamencos who put their instrument in the hands of Felipe Conde, so we have no doubt that it is a privileged guitar shop for you and your guitar.
Taller Felipe Conde
Felipe Conde Workshop

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