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Javier Nieto González

He is one of the few flamenco fashion designers located in Madrid.

In a very humble way, Javi has built his workshop at home, this has not stopped him from showing his designs on big catwalks, as they are especially original.

His gowns and dresses stand out for being transgressors and elegant. Each design is completely different from another.

Traje Javier Nieto González
Flamenco Dress Javier Nieto González
In his workshop you will enter into a universe of colour and flounces in which it will be difficult for you to decide, usually it happens that you fall in love with several of his designs at the same time. Flamenco fashion is not only for the bailaoras, Javi Nieto González designs dresses for brides and bridal gown with an unmistakable flamenco touch. He has recently presented his collection “Orgullo Flamenco” in a kind of wink to the LGTB collective. Javi Nieto González is different and authentic. Find him on social networks and get advice from an expert in flamenco fashion.

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