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Cajón flamenco

Over 20 years of consultancy experience

About This Project

The cajón became flamenco


That’s right, it became, arrived in Spain and began to be part of Flamenco in 1977 thanks to the great Paco de Lucía.

It was during a performance at the Spanish Embassy in Lima when the guitarist was impressed after seeing the singer Chabuca Granda perform with the cajón.

When Paco de Lucía discovered this sound, he had no doubt that it would be a perfect percussion accompaniment for Flamenco, so he decided to export some to Spain. He was not wrong, as nowadays this is how all Flamenco lovers conceive it.

Its origins go back to Peru, it was the Peruvian slaves who began to use this instrument as a protest. Previously, the colonizers forbade them to use their drums, arguing that they were demonic objects.

During these beginnings, different ignorant and insensitive people tried to eliminate this instrument. But they did not succeed.

Thanks to the insistence of the Peruvian slaves and the initiative of Paco de Lucía, Flamenco can be accompanied by this unique, almost magical sound.

Where to buy a cajón flamenco in Madrid?

A continuación, te ofrecemos una selección de los mejores lugares para comprar tu cajón flamenco en Madrid.

Camarada Percusión

Located in the old neighborhood of Lavapiés, Olivar street 44. Specialized in percussion instruments. You will find a great variety of flamenco cajones, both in size and price.

We emphasize this place because all the instruments that they sell are produced artisanally by the workers.

All The instruments Comrade are personally supervised by Guillermo Navarro de Azaola, a musician whose life is decade to the drawer professionally in all its facets, both as a builder, percussionist and percussion teacher.

``Nos encanta el mundo de la percusión y nuestra especialidad es el cajón en cualquiera de sus variantes: peruano, flamenco, de rumba... Se trata de un instrumento que, tras su aparente sencillez, esconde innumerables secretos por descubrir y nos plantea el reto diario de ir en busca del cajón perfecto``


Musicopolix has several points of sale distributed throughout Spain.

Also in the neighborhoods of Alcalá and Alcorcón.

In García de Paredes Street 35, you will find all kinds of musical instruments.

But they do stand out especially for their selection of flamenco cajones.

``The two main advantages that characterize Musicopolix are a wide stock of a wide variety of brands at very competitive prices and in an advisory service for all audiences ``

Unión musical

We recommend it infinitely for its quality-price offer in terms of flamenco cajones.

We find this shop in Madrid, in Cedaceros street number 3, and in other cities such as Barcelona and Sevilla.

In musical Union you will find all kinds of musical instruments and their accessories. It is Also one of the most effective online sales.

They have their own musical recording studio.

``Musical training is a more powerful instrument than any other because the rhythm and harmony find their way into the deepest of the soul.``. Platón.

El Flamenco Vive

We could not miss in our selection this store specialized in what motivates us most, Flamenco.

Of course you can find quality flamenco cajones, but also wardrobe, shoes, accessories, CDS, vinyl…

Flamenco everywhere in Duque de Fernán Núñez Street 5!

Many possibilities for flamenco instruments

Rhythm is a primitive language that we all carry within

The Flamenco Cajon is one of the best ways to get into the world of percussion. It Is an economic instrument, which does not suffer just problems of tuning, and which is also highly resistant.

¿Te atreves a seguirnos el compás? Do You dare follow the bar?

Continues to research on instruments for Flamenco: