After last year’s success, director Antonio Benamargo hopes to consolidate this cycle in the Sala Verde of the Teatros del Canal.

Dates: 21 to 24 September

Since 2021, the city of Madrid has had this preamble to what will be the subsequent Suma Flamenca in October. Four days of singing, guitar playing and dancing in which we can enjoy the freshness and creativity brought by the proposals of the youngest flamenco artists. This third edition focuses on “the beginnings”, understood as those moments in which artists dare to generate new paths and live new experiences through art.

Despite the fact that the proposals are focused on classical flamenco, we can assure that this edition has a programme that will not leave any attendee indifferent. A festival that not only welcomes artists whose careers are taking off but also tries to generate enthusiasm among young people thanks to the discounts offered by the theatre.

Gala I will open with Andrés Barrios on piano. This 26 year-old from Seville already has a recording and numerous concerts under his belt. Nazaret Reyes, who has collaborated with artists of the stature of Joaquín Cortés and Farruquito, will participate with her dancing. In Madrid, we can enjoy her dancing at the tablao Cardamomo.

Finally, we will be able to listen to Rafael del Calli, the current winner of the Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba in the cante category.


Nazaret Reyes, dance

Gala II will be represented by Granada, Cádiz and Jaén. From the city of the Alhambra we will be able to listen to the guitar playing of Jose Fermín Fernandez, Bordón Minero in 2019. This young man from Iznalloz has a long career as a cante and dance accompanist in numerous tablaos and caves.

In dance we can enjoy Juan Tomás de la Molía, current winner of the Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba in the dance category. He has participated in the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía as well as in numerous tablaos and peñas in his autonomous community. Lastly, we will be able to listen to Laura Marchal on vocals. This young dancer from Jaén has a long career as a solo cantaora in peñas and festivals.

José Fermín Fernadez

José Fermín Fernadez, guitarist. Photo: Granada Folk Music Festival

Gala III will feature Marcos de Silva on guitar, Lucía Beltrán on vocals and Claudia ‘la Debla’ on dance. Aged 17, 19 and 18 respectively, these three artists have extensive training in academies, conservatories or in their own homes, as well as a good track record in the company of important flamenco artists.

Claudia ‘la Debla’, dancer

The closing of this cycle corresponds to Benito Bernal, José “el Berenjeno” and Laura Fúnez. The former has an exciting career as an accompanying guitarist. He has participated in the Estévez/Paños company as well as in Eduardo Guerrero’s show Origen at the Corral de la Morería, among others.

As for “el Berenjeno”, he has won important awards such as the first prize in the Naranjito de Triana contest and has participated in important stages such as the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla. As a dancer we find Laura Fúnez, an artist who moves between the Escuela Bolera and Flamenco, achieving a synergy between both disciplines which she incorporates into her dance exploration in tablaos such as Las Carboneras or Tablao 1911.

Laura Fúnez, danzaora. Photo: Lucrecia Díaz


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