Auto-tune: Controversy

Whithout a doubt, it’s the instrument that has generated the most controversy at the time of being introduced into the world of Flamenco.

Auto-tune is a kind of software that simplifies the task of correcting the tuning of a melody or musical. Some purists have been very critical of its use, but this has not impeded the hearing of such important voices of today’s music scene as Rosalía or Soleá Morente.

With the auto tune you get an aggressiveness that is normally not the same with an organic voice. I’m aware that you have a very bad reputation, but it is important not to be prejudiced. I’ve had to learn how to use it, it’s not easy- ROSALÍA.

We must not forget that the powerful art of CamarónEnrique Morente or Lole & Manuel, also generated in their time an enormous polemic for introducing sound and esthetics elements unconnected to Flamenco.

Our intention is absolutely not to compare the artists, each one shines with its own light. But we do consider that La leyenda del tiempo, the interpretation of Lorca’s poems and the lyrics of Leonard Cohen of Morente, the provocation of Ketama’s flamenco rock or Rosalía’s El Mal Querer, have something in common:

The courage to innovate from the love they have for Flamenco.

These great artists have never detracted from the classics of Flamenco – on the contrary! They support and defend it at any cost, from the knowledge and constant training in the origins of this art.
You can only create something new in Flamenco by understanding and feeling its origins - Luis Caballero
The recent incorporation of auto-tune into flamenco and the controversy it has caused, repeated so many times throughout the history of music, leads us to think that auto-tune is here to stay.
Its incorrect or excessive use can ruin a song. But the truth is that this is a very powerful tool which can be interesting for certain melodies.
El imparable desarrollo tecnológico y la multitud de posibilidades que ofrece para todos y cada uno de los campos de la vida, es algo que no podemos ignorar porque está presente y vivo. This instrument has been used since its creation in urban styles such as trap or rap. We must not forget that Flamenco comes from the lumpen, and therefore it is music that is born in the street.
The reality we have to live is very different from the one we knew just a few years ago.
The unstoppable technological development and the multitude of possibilities that offers in every field of life, is something that we cannot ignore because it is present and alive.
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