El Escorial International Summer Festival

“Summer Dreams”: Live Music and Emotions at FIVE

ūüóďÔłŹ Dates: 4 August 2023 – 26 August 2023

Live music and emotions in the framework of the El Escorial International Summer Festival (FIVE).

Debut artistic director Paloma Concejero, immersed in the excitement of live music, faces the challenge of creating a third edition of FIVE that offers unforgettable and deeply connected experiences for audiences.

Rooted in the classics, FIVE aims to fuse arias, songs and literary texts that evoke past memories and create timeless moments, with the goal of making each night a distinctive experience and leaving a lasting impression on each date. The director strives to weave a deep emotional bond that allows attendees to experience an unforgettable cascade of sensations.

The opening of FIVE is marked by the performance of tenor Juan Diego Fl√≥rez in the majestic auditorium of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The story highlights his career from Lima to the world’s most prestigious stages, and highlights how his repertoire includes both classics and Latin American melodies.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial’s Auditory

The closing of the FIVE will feature a stunning premiere: “Hamlet flamenco”, a production in which the dancer Manuel Reyes plays the role of the Prince of Denmark, under the direction of Cristiane Azem. The legendary Merche Esmeralda also returns to the stage in this project, thirty years after having performed similar roles with the Ballet Nacional de Espa√Īa.

“Hamlet flamenco”

In the last week of the festival, music and emotions converge once again with the performance of “Div√°n del Tamarit”, with music by Carlos Cano and the brave version by Juan Valderrama.

Juan Valderrama

The story concludes by reflecting on the human connection that music manages to forge, beyond the musical notes. FIVE 2023 is presented as a tribute to this connection, celebrating both classical and popular music and enriching the human experience through live music.

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