6 reasons to see Flamenco in Madrid


Madrid is one of the most important places in Spain to enjoy flamenco. The city has been a cultural and artistic centre for centuries, and has hosted some of the best flamenco dancers, singers and guitarists. Great figures such as Lola Flores, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Richard Gere, Maria Carey and many more.

Referencia: Lola Flores alternando con Frank Sinatra y Ava Gardner en Madrid. 1960 (Tablao Flamenco 1911, antiguo Villa Rosa)

Reference: Lola Flores alterning with Frank Sinatra y Ava Gardner in Madrid. 1960
(Tablao Flamenco 1911, previously Villa Rosa). Ref.: tablaoflamenco1911.com



Richard Gere (Corral de la Morería).        Mariah Carey (Corral de la Morería).


Madrid has a wide selection of flamenco tablaos. These venues offer high quality shows with professional artists, where you can fully immerse yourself in the passion and energy of flamenco.

"Farruquito" in Cardamomo 2021.

Centro Cultural Flamenco en Madrid 



In Madrid, you will have the opportunity to witness different styles of flamenco. From the most traditional and pure styles to contemporary fusions that combine flamenco with other musical genres. You will be able to appreciate the diversity and evolution of this art form in the Spanish capital.

Laura Fúnez dancing Bolera dance style: tablaoflamenco1911.com



Watching flamenco in Madrid is a unique cultural experience. Flamenco is not only music and dance, but also an artistic expression rooted in Spanish history and identity. By attending a flamenco show, you will be immersed in Spain’s rich cultural tradition and will be able to appreciate its emotional depth.

Centro Cultural Flamenco en Madrid 



Madrid is a city full of life and energy, and flamenco fits perfectly into this atmosphere. Many tablaos flamencos are located in the city centre, in emblematic neighbourhoods such as Las Letras or Lavapiés, where you can enjoy the show and then continue exploring the city’s lively nightlife.

Echegaray Street 15, Las Letras, Madrid: Cardamomo



In Madrid, you will have the opportunity to witness the talents of some of the best flamenco artists in the world. Virtuoso dancers, singers with captivating voices and skilled guitarists regularly perform on the city’s flamenco scene. Watching these artists in action is an enriching and exciting experience..

Dancers: "El Yiyo", Paula Rodríguez y María Reyes. Singers: José del Calli 
y "El Cancu". Percussion: Felipe Maya. Guitars: David Jiménez y Antonio Jiménez.
Saxo and Flute: Jesús Montoya. tablaoflamenco1911.com


In summary, seeing flamenco in Madrid will allow you to immerse yourself in Spain’s rich cultural tradition, enjoy high quality performances, explore different styles and have a vibrant experience in one of Europe’s most exciting cities.
cantantes y bailaores de flamenco en un show

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