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Places for buy a flamenco dress

About This Project

Where to buy your flamenco dress?

Los orígenes andaluces de esta vestimenta tradicional siguen estando presentes hoy en día. Y es que, muchos de los diseñadores de moda flamenca los encontramos en Andalucía.

Pero tranquilas… Porque la panorámica de moda flamenca es gigantesca, y se expande a otras ciudades.

En Madrid puedes encontrar el vestido de flamenca que te vista de luz y alegría. Quizá sea un poco más complicado que en Andalucía, pero nosotros te lo vamos a poner fácil con estas sugerencias:

The Andalusian origins of this traditional costume are still present today. Many of the flamenco fashion designers can be found in Andalusia.

But quiet… Because the panoramic view of flamenco fashion is huge, and it spreads to other cities.

In Madrid you can find the flamenco costume that dresses you with light and joy.

Your flamenca dress         


Located in the heart of Madrid, travesía del arenal street nº 1, we find the Taller de Lourdes Boan.

Her speciality is flamenco costumes for dancing, which is why many flamencas have her as a reference. Flight skirts, tailed gowns, shawls, tassels, godeles ( fabric that is added to the bottom of the skirt to give it more flight and more weight.) A slang from the world of dance that is reflected in the designs of LB Vestuarios.

Years of experience make Lourdes Boan a great flamenco fashion designer.

If, in your case, you want a flamenco costume to walk around and wear at the fair, with no intention of getting on a stage to taconear, it also offers you the possibility.

At LB Vestuarios you will be able to design your flamenco costume as you like, creating an exclusive model.


Además, en Tejidos Riaza, los hombres también tienen oportunidad de encontrar su Traje de Flamenco, algo bastante inusual.

Rafael Alberti Avenue is another of the places where we recommend you to go for your ideal flamenco dress.

This textile company has a long trajectory dedicated to tailoring and design.

In addition to your flamenco costume, in Tejidos Riaza, you will find all kinds of accessories to finish off your flamenco look: shawls, shoes, flowers, castanets…
In Tejidos Riaza, men also have the opportunity to find their Flamenco costume, something quite unusual.

We find original and quality designs at a very affordable price.

And you know what?

They take your order home!

 Javier Nieto González

He is one of the few flamenco fashion designers located in Madrid.

In a very humble way, Javi has built his workshop at home, this has not stopped him from showing his designs on big catwalks, as they are especially original.

His gowns and dresses stand out for being transgressors and elegant. Each design is completely different from another.

La moda flamenca no es solo para bailaoras y feriantas, Javi Nieto González diseña vestidos para novias e invitadas con toque aflamencao inconfundible.

Recientemente ha presentado su colección “Orgullo Flamenco” en una especie de guiño al colectivo LGTB.

Javi Nieto González es diferente y auténtico, Encuéntralo en las redes sociales y déjate asesorar por un experto en moda flamenca.

In his workshop you will enter into a universe of colour and flounces in which it will be difficult for you to decide, usually it happens that you fall in love with several of his designs at the same time.

Flamenco fashion is not only for the bailaoras, Javi Nieto González designs dresses for brides and bridal gown with an unmistakable flamenco touch.

He has recently presented his collection “Orgullo Flamenco” in a kind of wink to the LGTB collective.

Javi Nieto González is different and authentic.

Find him on social networks and get advice from an expert in flamenco fashion.


At Tres Peces street number 34 we find the KFlamenca store, very close to Amor de Dios!

It stands out for offering a creative wardrobe directly related to Flamenco in all its aspects.

The connection between the design and the state of the baile, cante and toque is very important. It allows us to be updated and to develop designs that evolve parallel to art.

Kflamenca is specialized in feminine flamenco fashion, and within it, it has several categories: Skirts, dresses, tail gowns, accessories and trousers.

We have no doubt that this is one of the places in Madrid where you can find the flamenco costume you deserve.

Guadalupe moda flamenca

Guadalupe Moda Flamenca is in Seville, on the net… And in Madrid! Relatores Street no 22.

Their offer is very extensive for women’s fashion, and as their name suggests they are specialists in flamenco fashion, in their offer we differentiate: Wedding dresses and flamenco gowns.

Después de ver sus diseños, no nos cabe la menor duda de que el duende se queda hecho un pincel si pasas por Guadalupe ModaFlamenca.

In both sections there is an outlet zone, a low cost option where you can find beautiful and exclusive dresses at a very good price.

The consulting they offer in Guadalupe is excellent, you don’t just leave there with a flamenco costume, but with practical advice that complements your outfit making the most of it.

It is important to know which hairstyle suits you best according to the cut of your dress, the most appropriate type of footwear, or the mixes of colors that suit your skin best.

In Guadalupe flamenco fashion, they have a saying that is Viste tu duende (Dress your goblin, dress your spirit).

After Seeing your designs, we have no doubt that you will feel beautiful and flemish after visiting Guadalupe Moda Flamenca.

Te we encourage you to know the Flamenco fashion that is made in Madrid.

We are sure that in one of the recommended stores is the Flamenco suit that bears yout name.