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The best Flamenco’s School in Madrid

Aprender a bailar flamenco.

About This Project

It’s the time to train yourself in this vibrant discipline that surrounds the body and soul of those who practice and receive it.
Are you a lover of Flamenco? Learning is infinite. Continue forming yourself.

Have you not yet discovered the love that Flamenco can awaken in you?

It is never late if the intention is good!

Any of the selected Flamenco Schools will provide you technique and experience. A previous research work has given us as a result The podium of training in Flamenco.

We give you every detail of the best Flamenco Schools in Madrid.
Now, according to your preferences and circumstances you can choose your optimum center without fear of mistakes.

The best Flamenco’s School in Madrid 


To create and feel

Amor de Dios is above all a Flamenco School, but it is also a symbol and referent. It is creativity and tradition.

A school well-known and respected by the great flamenco artists of the world.

We are referring to a historical and informative Flamenco center that you will be able to visit through its permanent exhibition located in the school itself.

​In 1994, Amor de Dios took root in Santa Isabel Street number five, after being evicted from a house in Antón Martín, after thirty years of crunching the floors with taconeos.

Currently it maintains this location, which is important to consider when choosing your ideal school. Amor de Dios is located in the center of Madrid, being perfectly communicated with the rest of the city.

It includes the teaching of all the disciplines of Flamenco art: Singing, dancing and “toque”.

It is made up of teachers who are artists. They acquire a role of guide for the student and they do not practice a direction as we know it.

One of the special characteristics of Amor de Dios is that each student is free to make their own decisions, trying different classes at different levels and choosing the one they feel most comfortable with. “Many students leave a mark that remains forever in the School”.

Since its inception, Amor de Dios has been characterized by serving the artistic field.

And it continues to play this role, developing from constant learning.

In this service to the artistic community, not only the master classes that are given in this school participate. Also, the use of spaces for rehearsals, the organization of events, and the production and exhibition of them.
All students are uniques and makes his way
If you choose this Flamenco School, you will have access to classes in different formats to build your own training plan. As well as direct access to rooms with
the maximum level of acoustic insulation for your creative projects.

Whether you want to specialize in a palo (Typs of dance), or if your goal is to get started in the different disciplines of Flamenco art, at Amor de Dios you can do it.

“There are not two people who are the same, that’s why we understand that no two students are the same.”

Curiously, from Amor de Dios you don’t get an official title. Its authenticity is manifested in the mark that many of its students have left forever in Flamenco.
Authentic masters like Sara Baras, Belén Maya, Joaquín Cortés or Rafael Amargo, among many others.
Flamenco and Amor de Dios are the same concept

You also do not have to pay a previous registration, the methodology that is practiced in this school has to do with another type of commitment.

The one that each student acquires with Flamenco itself, the dedication and passion that he puts into each class.


School of commitment and heart

Another option you have to consider when choosing your perfect Flamenco School is Carmen Amaya.
This Flamenco Cultural Association, founded in 1995, was named Carmen Amaya as a tribute to the bailaora (flamenco dancer) and cantaora (flamenco singer). Referent and inspiration for the teachers and founders of the school.
``Arrancarse por tangos o bulerías no vuelve a ser lo mismo después de pasar por Carmen Amaya``
Dolores Giménez, president and founder of the School, continues to be present and to develop the initial purpose with which the center was inaugurated: to bring Flamenco to everyone and to spread its foundations.
​Within the options offered by this school we find very interesting the subcategories in which the different flamenco disciplines are divided:
From intensive courses, to complementary training for teachers through regular classes and masterclass.
On one hand, Flamenco dance classes in groups. Divided according to the different levels of the student. On the other hand, the option of taking private Flamenco dance classes, choosing the day and time in which they are implemented. You have also the option to have individual classes or to share them with another partner to work together.

Si lo tuyo es la guitarra, Carmen Amaya ofrece hasta cinco opciones para la especialización de guitarra flamenca.

Incluso cuenta con categoría online que te permite recibir las enseñanzas de esta escuela aún viviendo en otra ciudad.

El cante, esa vertiente flamenca tan pura que parece brotar de la sangre del cantaor, también requiere una técnica precisa.

En Carmen Amaya las clases de cante son individuales, porque cada voz es distinta y requiere un tratamiento único. La formación se va desarrollando en función del ritmo de estudio y predisposición del alumno. El alumno escoge, el alumno decide.

Carmen Amaya cuenta con su base rítmica propia, que adecua la medida del toque a tempo de metrónomo. “Arrancarse por bulerías o fandangos no vuelve a ser igual, después de haber pasado por Carmen Amaya”.

If your thing is the guitar, Carmen Amaya offers up to five options for flamenco guitar specialization. It even has an online category that allows you to receive the teachings of this school while living in another city.

El cante (The singer), that pure flamenco aspect that seems to sprout from the cantaor’s blood, also requires a precise technique.

In Carmen Amaya the cante classes are individual, because each voice is different and requires a unique treatment.

The training is developed according to the rhythm of study and predisposition of the student.

The student chooses, the student decides.

Carmen Amaya has her own rhythm base, which adapts the measure of the beat to the metronome tempo.

“Sing for bulerías or fandangos is not the same again, after having gone through Carmen Amaya”

The commitment between teachers and students is another aspect of the Carmen Amaya Flamenco School. Outside the classroom, telephone and Skype support is offered. Because the doubt and inspiration of the Flamenco student can appear at the most unexpected moment.

If you want to be a flamenco dancer or flamenco dancer, Carmen Amaya offers you the possibility. The Flamenco career is an option, with which, together with your effort, you can live from Flamenco.

It consists of six courses divided into three hours a week, and consists of a Spanish Dance base required. At the end of each course, students receive a Diploma accredited by Flamenco professionals, with their corresponding qualification.

This School is intimately connected with Amor de Dios, through the Asociación Cultural Flamenca, where there is a fluid and constant exchange between the two centers.


 Dancing for expresion

In 1990 Isabel Quintero founded the Flamenco School that bears her name. It was a must in this ranking.

Her extensive professional career and the true love she has always felt for dance, have made this school a benchmark for bailaoras and bailaores.

Many details make Isabel Quintero special, but above all her uniformity when defining herself as experts in the discipline of dance.

The classes given are divided into: Flamenco, Classical Spanish, styles , escuela bolera, sevillanas, castanets and methodology applied to the teaching of Spanish dance.

Be free in the Libertad street

A mestizo school, where great flamenco dance professionals have complemented their training.

At the same time, it has been a space for converting amateurs to experts.

 Isabel Quintero School there is a perfect fusion of technique, coordination, choreography and zapateaos.

In addition to the regular courses, in Isabel Quintero you can find different workshops of specific dance palos such as bulerías, alegrías or seguiriyas.

There is also the possibility of taking intensive courses or at weekends.

So the range of possibilities is so wide that it will depend on you and how clear you have about what you want to dance.

Isabel Quintero is in the center of Madrid: Calle Libertad número siete.


More than three decades without stopping to dance

We found this school in the street Santiago de Compostela number 26 in Madrid , in the neighborhood of the neighborhood of El Pilar.

The Flamenco steps have been giving life to the classrooms, which have been perfectly qualified for this school for more than thirty years.

Unlike the schools mentioned above, Arabesquees classes are taught only in the discipline of dance. Leaving the singing or the guitar out of play.

His teachers are specialized in the discipline of flamenco dance, and offer different possibilities to receive this training.

This school offers a varied selection of courses and seminars, affordable for all ages and all levels. The Flamenco steps have been giving life to the classrooms, which have been perfectly qualified for this school for more than thirty years.

From the most traditional flamenco to the current trends of Flamenco

Graduate in Flamenco

It stands out among many other schools in Madrid because in Arabesquees you can study the Graduate in Flamenco. An intensive Study of flamenco dance that you can perform for five years and acquire at the end of an approved qualification that certifies you as a professional of the Flamencología.

Arabesquees is associated with APDE (Association of Teachers of Spanish Dance And Flamenco). This curriculum was awarded Premio Nacional de Flamenco a la enseñanza por la Cátera de Flamencología de Jerez de la Frontera, and is currently recognized by that entity.

The Graduate consists of five courses, is divided into a theoretical part and another practice. In the first, the different styles are imparted, and the second one is orientated to know the origins of flamenco, the rhythms, the songs and the biographies of the most relevant artists.

It’s important to mention the Festival Arabesquees held annually during the month of June in different theatres of Madrid. In This festival all the students of the school are quoted to represent to a real audience, the choreographies learned throughout the year.

From These meetings, things are born as big as the Compañía Flamenca Arabasquees, able to show the transformation of the most traditional flamenco towards the most vanguardiasta.

On Saturdays, they teach intensive classical ballet classes geared towards flamenco students. For We must not forget, the importance of this base to root the technique of Flamenco.

Further away from the Flamenco discipline, this same day teaches Latin rhythms, both initiation and advanced.

Is it easier for you to decide now?
Now that you have all this information you can opt for the Flamenco school that convinces you most, with the security of knowing that whatever your decision, will be right.

Up with flamenco art!